Nu’est Come back is just around the corner! Are you guys excited? Beside waiting for more news, we need your support!

Our very own fellow K-Fansites (Tropical, ICETEA, StaRen, Vienna Soul, BaekHome, Amazing, JRTime) had came together and set up NUEST UNION as a project group for doing support~

Aron’s Music Access Radio Show

Hello fellow  L.O.Λ.E’s ^^ 

I’m sorry I haven’t posted or anything for a while but I hope you’re all well and continuing to support our boys!

Have you all been listening to Aron’s music access show? I’ve tried my best to listen to as many as I can but I’m a little behind with some of them ;;;. Aron is doing really well, improving constantly and I hope he’s enjoying being a radio MC ^^ ARON HWAITING!

What do you think of the show? How do you think Aron is doing?


I am going to send you a rude message…not a hate one…I’m just going to flat out as you “Do you not understand this?” like do you not understand english enough? I can translate it to your native tongue if you need me to…I’ll happily do so. But PLEASE Stop editing the fantaken photos…they ask you…

End of the first week

Since NU’EST have nothing scheduled today, thought it would be nice to find out what everyone’s thoughts are on the end of the first week of promotions ^^. What’ve you all thought of their comeback stages on the music shows for both ‘Hello’ and ‘Hello Hello’? 

The staging has been so different and pretty for ‘Hello’ I really like it :D. To me it’s like rewatching the MV everytime I watch them perform it live ^^. 

How about you, ᄂᄋᄉᄐ’s?

'Hello' MV: thoughts?

I just watched the ‘Hello’ MV and safe to say I am a blubbering mess. That was such a beautiful MV and song TT TT these boys always evoke such strong emotions within me. I feel so proud of them. This sure is different to previous songs, but their vocals and their acting has really improved and I really hope they do well with this song.

What did everyone else think of it?

'Hello' teaser MV: Replies

errrrr… I don’t like it… I think they should stick with their original concept which is fighting for teens……..
The song is really beautiful, seriously. I really wanna see the whole mv now, but I think the first teaser was sorta awkward.
I think it’s amazing, the song is really good and the concept is great, so yeah
I really like it :D
it’s so good the music and the acting

I loved reading everyone’s different thoughts and opinions on the teaser ^^. For those people who aren’t really taking to the promo track, hopefully there’ll be something on the mini album which you’ll like much more instead :’).

'Hello' teaser MV: Thoughts?

I wasn’t expecting a teaser like that but now I’m really intrigued to see the rest of the MV! The song sounds really beautiful from the short clip we’ve heard and the concept really does seem much more mature than people anticipated. It’s definitely grabbed my attention, how about you? ^^